• 1808-611B 406 W Wellens St ...


406 W Wellens St 42nd wd. on the south side of Wellens Street (also known as Wellens Avenue) at the distance of 43 Feet westward from the west side of 4th Street; Front: 14 ft. 0 in.; Depth: 64 ft. 6 in OPA#422230800 Subject to Mortgage Michael J. Sabato C.P. August Term, 2017 No. 01211 $727,663.02 plus interest at the per diem rate of $104.58 from 8/16/17 forward and all costs of this action McCabe, Weisberg & Conway, P.C.

Ref# 0003401939-01
PostedAugust 18, 2019