Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Address: 7021 Milnor Street, Philadelphia, PA 19135
Time: 10:00 AM EDT

By virtue of default by Great Silk Road Trucking Inc ("Client"), under a Negotiable Promissory Note and Security Agreement(s), Security Agreement(s) Promissory Note(s), Lease Agreement(s) and related documents dated March 1st, 2016; March 27th, 2017; May 31st, 2016; November 22nd, 2016; July 3rd, 2017, payable to Commercial Credit Group Inc. ("CCG"), which obligation is secured by the property described below (the "Equipment"), CCG will sell at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, AS-IS, WHERE-IS, WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, all of its right, title and interest to the following Equipment:

(3) 2016 Volvo VNL64T670 Sleeper Tractor SN: 4V4NC9EH1GN938042; 4V4NC9EH3GN938043; 4V4NC9EH5GN938044
(8) 2018 Freightliner CA125SLP Sleeper Tractor SN: 3AKJGLDR6JSJM5728; 3AKJGLDR8JSJM5729; 3AKJGLDR4JSJM5730; 3AKJGLDR6JSJM5731; 3AKJGLDR8JSJM5732; 3AKJHHDR9JSJS1224; 3AKJHHDR3JSJS1218; 3AKJHHDRXJSJS1216
(1) 2013 Volvo 670 Sleeper Tractor SN: 4V4NC9TJ8DN140218
(2) 2012 Volvo 670 Sleeper Tractor SN: 4V4NC9TJ5CN544415; 4V4NC9TJ9CN544417
(2) 2016 Volvo 670 Sleeper Tractor SN: 4V4NC9EH4GN955188; 4V4NC9EH0GN938016
(1) 2015 Volvo 670 Sleeper Tractor SN: 4V4NC9EHXFN183844
(1) 2016 Volvo VNL64T670 Sleeper Tractor SN: 4V4NC9EH8GN946185

Successful bidder must pay 25% of purchase price at time of sale via cash, certified or acceptable bank check, with the balance payable in good funds on the next business day, unless:
1. The bidder has pre-qualified by presenting CCG with a written non-contingent, lending commitment from a source and in a form acceptable to CCG in its sole discretion, in which case we will entertain bids up to the amount of such written commitment; or
2. The bidder has obtained from CCG written credit approval in advance of the scheduled public sale.

CCG reserves the right to bid at the sale. Contact Herb Orengo at (630) 718-4684 for additional information or to arrange an inspection of the Equipment.

Ref# 0003401784-01
PostedAugust 14, 2019