APRIL TERM 2019/#01847

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., as Trusteefor Soundview Home Loan Trust 2006-2, AssetBacked Certificates, Series 2006-2, Plaintiff vs.Warren J. Smith, Individually and Executor ofthe Estate of Burnell M. Watson, AngelicaWatson, Loretta Anne Watson, Stephen J.Watson, Laura Watson Smith Brown, JamesOtis Watson, Jr., Bank of America, N.A., suc-cessor in interest to Security Pacific NationalBank, as Trustee for American Housing TrustXI, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, Philadelphia Water Department, Philadelphia De-partment of Revenue, Internal Revenue Ser-vice, City of Philadelphia and Commonwealthof Pennsylvania Department of Revenue,Defendants
To: Angelica Watson, whose current whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed she re-sides in Phila., PA, Defendant. TAKE NOTICETHAT THE Plaintiff has filed an action in QuietTitle, Declaratory Judgment and Equitable Lienin the Court of Common Pleas of Phila. Coun-ty, PA regarding premises, 521 Parnell Place,Philadelphia, PA 19144. Wherefore, Plaintiffrespectfully requests that the court enterJudgment in favor of Plaintiff and against De-fendant, granting such other and further reliefas the Court deems just and proper. NOTICE:IF YOU WISH TO DEFEND, YOU MUST ENTER A WRITTEN APPEARANCE PERSONALLYOR BY ATTORNEY AND FILE YOUR DE-FENSES OR OBJECTIONS WITH THE COURT.YOU ARE WARNED THAT IF YOU FAIL TODO SO THE CASE MAY PROCEED WITHOUTYOU AND A JUDGMENT MAY BE ENTEREDAGAINST YOU WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICEFOR THE RELIEF REQUESTED BY THE PLAINTIFF. YOU MAY LOSE MONEY OR PROPER-TY OR OTHER RIGHTS IMPORTANT TO YOU.YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS NOTICE TO YOURLAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ALAWYER GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OF-FICE SET FORTH BELOW. THIS OFFICE CANPROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUTHIRING A LAWYER. IF YOU CANNOT AF-FORD TO HIRE A LAWYER, THIS OFFICEMAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH IN-FORMATION ABOUT AGENCIES THAT MAYOFFER LEGAL SERVICES TO ELIGIBLE PER-SONS AT A REDUCED FEE OR NO FEE.Phila. Bar Assn., 1101 Market St., 10th Fl.,Phila., PA 19107, 215.238.6333. Philip A. Magen, Atty. for Plaintiff, Zarwin, Baum, DeVito,Kaplan, Schaer & Toddy, P.C., 1818 MarketSt., 13th Fl., Phila., PA 19103, 215.569.2800

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PostedNovember 17, 2019