Pursuant to 40 CFR 403.8(f)(2)(vii), the City of Philadelphia hereby provides public notice of Industrial Users, which were in
significant non-compliance with applicable pretreatment standards or other applicable requirements.

The following condition(s) constitute significant non-compliance:
1. If 33% or more of all samples taken for any single parameter taken during a six-month period
demonstrate exceedances, by any amount, of the daily maximum effluent limitation or the monthly average
2. Monitoring for any parameter less than 100% of the total sampling events required by the permit.
3. Discharging without the required permit under the Wastewater Control Regulations.
4. Any violation of any pretreatment effluent limit that the Department determines has caused, either alone
or in combination with any other discharges, interference or pass through.
5. Any discharge of a pollutant that has caused imminent endangerment to human health, welfare or the
environment or has resulted in the Department's exercise of its emergency authority.
6. Violation by 45 days or more of the scheduled date of compliance with milestones for starting
construction, completing construction, attaining final compliance or any other milestone event described in any
compliance schedule.
7. Failure to provide any required reports such as Baseline Monitoring Reports, Periodic Compliance
Reports, Spill or Slug Discharge Reports, Surcharge Reports, Responses to Notice of Violations or Significant Non
compliance, Compliance Schedule Reports, Pretreatment Facilities Report or any other Report required by Law or
permit within 30 days after the reports due date.
8. Failure to report noncompliance accurately.
9. Any other violation or group of violations that (1) adversely affects the operation or implementation of the local
pretreatment program or (2) either alone or in conjunction with any other discharge causes harm to the POTW.

The following users were found in Significant Non-Compliance during 2019:
1st Period = 10/1/2018 - 3/31/2019 3rd Period = 4/1/2019 - 9/30/2019
2nd Period = 1/1/2019 - 6/30/2019 4th Period = 7/1/2019 - 12/31/2019

Company Address City St. Zip Period of SNC

Abbey Color Incorporated 400 E. Tioga St Philadelphia PA 19134 3rd, 4th
Arway Linen and Uniform Rental 1696 Foulkrod Street Philadelphia PA 19124 4th
Brenner Aerostructure, LLC 450-3 Winks Lane Bensalem PA 19020 1st, 2nd
Cardone Industries, Inc. 5660 Rising Sun Avenue Philadelphia PA 19120 1st
Charles Ritter Inc. 3333 South 3rd Street Philadelphia PA 19148 4th
Cintas Corporation 10080 Sandmeyer Ln Philadelphia PA 19116 1st
Computer Components Corporation 2751 Southampton Road Philadelphia PA 19154 1st, 2nd
CSX Transportation, Inc. 38th and Jackson Streets Philadelphia PA 19145 4th
Charles Ritter Inc. 3333 South 3rd St. Philadelphia PA 19148 4th
Frankford Plating Inc. 2505 Orthdox St. Philadelphia PA 19137 4th
Jerith Manufacturing LLC 14400 McNulty Rd. Philadelphia PA 19133 2nd
John T. Bennett Company 2552 North 3rd Street Philadelphia PA 19133 4th
KVK Tech 110 Terry Drive Newtown PA 18940 4th
Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages LLC 725 E. Erie Avenue Philadelphia PA 19134 4th
Medical Products Laboratories 490 Red Lion Road Philadelphia PA 19115 4th
Medical Products Laboratories 9990 Global Road Philadelphia PA 19115 4th
Original Philly Holdings -
North American 4001 N. American St. Philadelphia PA 19140 4th
National Chemical Laboratories, Inc. 401 N. 10th St Philadelphia PA 19123 3rd
PBF Logistics Products Terminals, LLC 3400 S. 67th Street Philadelphia PA 19153 1st
Petroleum Recycling Corporation 3000 E. Ontario Street Philadelphia PA 19134 2nd
Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining and
Marketing LLC 3144 Passyunk Avenue Philadelphia PA 19145 2nd, 3rd,4th
Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining and
Marketing LLC 70th St. & Essington Avenue Philadelphia PA 19153 2nd
Purolite Company 3620 G Street Philadelphia PA 19134 4th
Yards Brewing Company 456 N. 5th St. Philadelphia PA 19123 1st

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PostedMarch 23, 2020